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The purpose of the service is to help library users obtain information and to use the University Library services, collections and resources. Reference librarians can provide assistance with the selection and use of databases and e-journals. They also help develop library search strategies and answer requests for information.
Appointments may be arranged with reference librarians filling the reference service form.

Opening hours

Library of Engineering Mon-Thu.: 9.00-18.00. 
Library of Science Mon.-Fri.  9.00-14.00
Library of Cognitive science Mon.-Fri.: 9.00-18.00.

Ask a Librarian

The online reference provides all users with bibliographic assistance via Web.
That consists in:

  • information and training on bibliographic resources, especially databases and electronic journals;
  • advice for bibliographic citation.

An expert librarian will suggest tools and strategies to retrieve the information needed.  Requests are generally answered within 3 working days.
Before filling the form, it is useful to:

  • have clear ideas on the question you need an answer to;
  • write the question in the most accurate way;
  • fill all the rows of the online form, paying attention especially when typing personal e-mail address, in order to be sure to receive the answer via mail;
  • avoid the type of questions a library cannot answer to.

All questions will be sent to a database that can be accessed only by reference librarians.

Online reference service