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What is an e-book

E-books are book in digital version (the most common format are.pdf and .epub) that can be accessed via pc or mobile devices.


Publishers provide e-books on different proprietary platforms. Each platform has its own search interface. There are also aggregators that on a single platform offer e-books from different publishers. Generally you can do a simple search, an advanced search or limit your search.
It is not possible to search all collections of e-books of the Library simultaneously. Some collections are searchable through the Discovery.

List and characteristics of the collections of electronic books available on the site.

Instruction to access electronic resources

All members of the University of Trento can access ebooksl. Even external users can access them, but with some limitations. Part of the resources are also accessible via mobile devices.

Many e-books are protected by DRM Adobe. To access them, you need to install Adobe digital edition on your device

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Digital lending

On some e-book platform (EBSCO, EBRARY and MLOL) digital lending is available

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