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What are library databases?

Library databases are archives that contain information about published items

Databases provided by the library contain reliable information from trusted sources

The University Library System has subscribed to about 120 databases: many of them are biblioghraphic databases (they contain bibliographic data and abstracts), some provide access to full-text articles

The vast majority of documents contained in databases are in english and from anglo-american area.

What are databases for?

Through search in databases you can:

  • identify what publications exist on a specific topic
  • know what an author has published
  • Check an uncertain or incomplete bibliographic citation;
  • find data (laws, statistical data, etc.).

Database catalogue

Databases provided by the University Library System may be searched in the catalogue by name, by topic or by type. It's also  possible to browse them in an alphabetical list.


Instructions to access the catalogue

All members of the University of Trento can access electronic journal. Even external users can access e-journals, but with some limitations. Part of the resources are also accessible via mobile devices.

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Databases are available on different platform. Each of them has its own interface. Generally all of them provide the main function: simple search, advanced search, thesaurus...

On the library website you can find guides and tutorial that help you to use the resources. For assistance you can also contact the reference service.

Recupero dei documenti

Una volta recuperati i dati bibliografici del documento di interesse, è spesso possibile, grazie all'abbonamento a diversi pacchetti di periodici elettronici, consultare online il testo completo dell'articolo; a volte viene proposto direttamente il link al testo completo, in altri casi è necessario verificare nel Catalogo dei periodici, che mostra anche l'eventuale disponibilità del documento in formato cartaceo. Altrimenti è possibile richiederlo attraverso il Servizio di Prestito interbibliotecario.

Il contenuto della maggior parte delle banche dati può essere ricercato anche attraverso il Discovery.

Reference management tools

There are several tools that allow you to compile and organize bibliographic information

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