At Cavazzani, BUM and BUP

To access the service, you must book through UniTrentoAPP (Study Rooms > BUC/BUM/BUP/Cavazzani Study Room > Bookable seats) or thorugh the dedicated page. For the services of UniTrento Libraries registration is required.
Study rooms can be reserved for slots of two hours, for a maximum of three weekly and nine monthly reservations. Reservable slots are visible three days in advance; please cancel reservations made by mistake or not needed any longer, to allow other groups to reserve the study room.
If the group who has reserved the room does not show up 30 minutes after the fixed hour, the room may be assigned to another group. Please go to the Circulation desk a few minutes before the schedule.
Study rooms are assigned to groups: occupation by individuals is not allowed.

Cavazzani Study Room 
Study room 1 - Places: 2 to 4    
Study room 2 - Places: 3 to 6
Study room 3 - Places: 2 to 8 (shared study room for 2 groups with two tables)
Study room 4 - Places: 3 to 6

BUM - Mesiano University Library 
Meeting Room - Places: from 3 to 6

BUP - Povo University Library
Green study room - Places: from 3 to 6
Red study room - Places: 3 to 6