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UniTrento Discovery is a tool for searching a large portion of  library resources (Trentino Library Catalogue, databases, e-journals, e-books) through a single search box.

UniTrento Discovery offers four kinds of searches. They can be chosen in the drop down menu of the search field or by clicking the following links:

  • Trentino Library Catalogue (CBT): searches the holding of all libraries which take part of the System of the Provice of Trento (over 150, both public and private), including the University Library. The catalogue includes different types of materials (ancient and modern monographs, periodicals, e-resources, films and others);
  • University Catalogue: searches e-books (except italian law e-books),  most of the journals (paper and electronic ones), some databases that the University library has subscribed to and books owned by university libraries;
  • Articles: searches articles of the e-journals that the University library has subscribed to;
  • Discovery Search: simultaneous search of Articles and University Catalogue.


Discovery UniTrento is the first tool you should use to search bibliographic resources available in the UniTrento Libraries.

In Discovery UniTrento there are 4 search profiles available, each of them containing a specific set of bibliographic records:

Trentino Bibliographic Catalogue (CBT): contains all the records of Catalogo Bibliografico Trentino, which means the catalogue of all the libraries of the Trentino library system (more than 180 libraries in Trento province, UniTrento libraries and libraries of others research institutions, public libraries, special libraries); records in this search index describe all materials available in those libraries: books and journals, movies on DVD, recorded music, maps, music sheets and more.
When should you use this index? When you’re looking for an item that may be available in any of the libraries in the Trentino library system.

University Catalogue: it is a section of the Trentino Bibliographic Catalogue and contains only those records that belong to the UniTrento libraries: books and journals, both traditional and online, and more.
When should you use this index? When you’re looking for an academic or scientific publication, or a course reserve.

Articles: this index is based on the electronic collections that are selected and activated by the UniTrento Libraries and made available in the discovery system. The collections can be: full text databases, ebooks and online journals collections, multimedia platforms, open access collections. Online articles (or book chapters, or streaming videos) available in these collections are searchable in this index.
When should you use this index? When you’re looking for papers about a specific topic and you want to save time not having to search in all or different collections; since the index is huge, it is better to use specific keywords to improve your results. You can use this search index in order to retrieve a specific item with its citation metadata and check if the online version is available.

Ricerca Discovery: this index brings together records from the University Catalogue with Articles citations.
When should you use this index? When you’re looking for academic publications, and you want to retrieve books, papers, streaming video and more, with a single search.

Useful information

In Discovery UniTrento you’ll find bibliographic information about resources you can read or check out in libraries; you’ll also find links to online resources.

Everybody can use Discovery UniTrento in order to do bibliographic research and check loan status; only authorized users (UniTrento faculty, staff and students) can access the licensed online content.

Bibliographic metadata of online resources are periodically sent by publishers and providers to the discovery service index; it may take some time for a published article to be available in Discovery UniTrento.

A library card is needed in order to borrow books, have access to reserved online resources and use some discovery features. In Discovery, five authentication methods are available; if you want to login with your UniTrento account you need your library card to be matched with your UniTrento enrollment.



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