Services for users with mobility difficulties

University libraries are accessible from the main entrance, with lift access to upper levels. In library rooms at least one workstation for disabled users is available.
In each library at least one toilet is accessible and equipped for disabled people.

Services for sight-disabled users

In order to give access to bibliographic information and the library's material, users with sight disabilities may use a workstation with adaptive technology for their study and research. 
The workstation is situated in BUP and is equipped with a PC with Kurzweil 1000 software and scanner. With this technology it is possible to scan a book, a text or any printed document containing linear text. It is also possible to import books in digital form EPUB, PDF, Word File, text file, digital spoken books DAISY or MP3. These documents can be read by multilingual speech synthesisdevice or by enlarging the text. For scanned documents of PDF files, it is possible to enlarge the page image and invert the colors. Specific study features such as adding bookmarks or notes can be used.
These features may be useful for users with visual impairments or learning disabilities: 

  • scanning of texts 
  • magnification of the text according to the optimal scale for the user (from 2x to 16x)
  • listening by voice synthesis
  • recording the audio file in MP3, Wave or Daisy format and possibility of recording on USB stick or CD-ROM (not supplied)
  • printing of texts with enlarged characters

The service is available at BUP - Povo University Library.

The University offers other workstations, for information please see the dedicated page.