The user training service, also known as Information Literacy, has the following aims:

  • develop the skills needed to browse between documentary sources;
  • make effective use of search tools, such as catalogues, databases, bibliographies managers, search engines;
  • produce research strategies in the writing of bachelor’s and doctoral theses.

The training initiatives, indended primarily for students, undergraduates and doctoral students, are designed to meet the specific research needs of the target audience ( structured courses that  provide  formative credits, shorter seminars  organised on request....)
Lessons can also be held as part of the regular hours of the course of studies if requested by the teachers. Courses, organised both in-person and online are held by experienced librarians. 

Types of lessons and courses

Presentations to freshmen: brief explanations on how to access the library and on basic services (loan, catalog search, assistance). In some cases they end with a guided tour. They are organized in collaboration with the departments before the start of the academic year.
Courses for students: for students from the second year onwards. They focus on bibliographic search strategies, citation styles and bibliographies.
Courses for grad students: for students starting to work on their degree thesis. They focus on bibliographic search, with particular attention to the sources and resources of a specific field and on organizing text bibliographies with the help of reference management softwares.
Courses for PhD students: advanced courses with a  specific disciplinary approach 
Cycle of meetings on specific themes: for the entire student community. They give information on the correct use of bibliographic resources, such as catalogues, databases and search engines.

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