Borrowing regulations
Borrowing regulations
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Access and borrowing at the University Library are free and open to people who have a subscription to the CBT borrowing service. 
Subscription is free and open to everyone. You may subscribe and get a library card for the CBT (Bibliographic Catalogue of the Province of Trento) borrowing service at any library in the province of Trento. You need to show an identification card and complete an application form. Membership is immediately effective.

The service can be requested at the counter. Books stored in the closed stacks (Deposito 1 and Deposito 2) are to be requested by filling in a form.

Loan periods and number of items

  • students and CBT users: up to 10 works at one time for 30 days, extendible to 60 days as a whole;
  • UniTrento final year students: up to 20 works at one time for 30 days, extendible to 90 days as a whole;
  • visiting professors, UniTrento assistants and administrative staff: up to 20 works at one time for 60 days, extendible to 120 days as a whole;
  • UniTrento teaching and research staff, Ph.D. students: up to 30 works at one time for 90 days, extendible for further 180 days.

To borrow material on behalf of other persons it is necessary to have a special proxy.

Renewals and bookings

Loans can be renewed at the library counter, by mail, by phone, until the day before the due date.
Renewals will not be allowed when the item is overdue or has been reserved by another library user.
Items on loan to other users can be booked at the library counter, by mail, by phone. 

Special items

Degree thesis
Digital lending 
Microfilms and microfiches
Consultation of ancient and valuable books

Interlibrary loan

Interlibrary loan between the University Library System and libraries of the Province of Trento
National and International library loan and Document Delivery

Material not available for loan

  • journals;
  • reference material, such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies;
  • course reserves;
  • legal codes;
  • works published before 1900;
  • degree theses;
  • microfilm and microfiches;
  • material which requires binding or repairing; 
  • any other work Libraries decide to make available for the local consultation only.

Opening hours

Central University Library
Mesiano University Library
Povo University Library
Rovereto University Library

Cavazzani study room borrowing hours: Monday-Saturday 09.00-12.00