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Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering


The Library offers the following services:

Holdings (01.01.2020)

32.079 books and 982 journals (159 current subscriptions).
Sections of particular interest:
- Collection of Architecture
- A large number of national and international technical standards (printed and online versions).


Circulation desk, borrowing and reference
- Circulation desk: borrowing and general information.
- Bibliographic information/reference: expert assistance in locating and using library resources, national and international interlibrary loan.
- Computers to access the online catalogue, internet and databases.
- Photocopying machines (self-service: photocopying cards needed).

 Reading rooms
- Books: books by subject disciplines; computers to search the online catalogue, Internet and databases.
- Journals: current year journals in alphabetical order.
- Theses: Degree theses
The reading rooms have a total of 207 seats.
Wireless rooms
- 50 seats for use of wifi, team work, reading of newspapers.
- Back issues of journals.
- Paper Technical Standards Collection.

Printed journals currently not on subscription (some of them, though, can be currently accessed online).

Library Staff.

Photocopy service (staffed).


Head: Sonia Stenico