Which Library should I use?

Students enrolled at Economics and Management, Humanities, Sociology and Social Research departments, the Faculty of Law and the School of International Studies may use the Central Library (BUC): Via Adalberto Libera, 3, Trento.
Students enrolled at Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering may use the Library of Engineering : Mesiano, 77, Trento.
Students enrolled at Mathematics, Physics, Cibio, Industrial Engineering, Information Engineering and computer science may use the Library of Sciences: Polo Scientifico e Tecnologico Fabio Ferrari, Via Sommarive 5 - 38123 Trento.
Students enrolled at Psychology and Cognitive Science and at the Centre for Mind/Brain Sciences may use the Library of Cognitive Science: Biblioteca civica Tartarotti, Corso Bettini 53, Rovereto.

When are the Libraries open?

Central Library (BUC): Monday to Saturday 8:00-23:45; on Sundays 14:00-20:45.
Library of Engineering: Monday to Thursday 8:00-21:45; on Fridays 8:00-19:45.
Library of Sciences: Monday to Friday 8:00-21:45; on Saturdays: 8.00-12.45
Library of Cognitive Science: Monday to Friday 9:00-17:45.

Are there group study spaces in the Libraries?

There are group study rooms at the Study Hall in Via Verdi 8 and at the Library of Sciences. For further information please check this page.

Are there lockers in the Libraries?

Yes, there are free of charge lockers in every University Library.

Are libraries accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes, there are ramps and lifts in every University Library. 

I am not affiliated with University of Trento. May I use University libraries?

Yes, University libraries and most library services are available to people not affiliated with University of Trento as well. They have to fill the library services registration form.

Are there vending machines in the libraries?

Yes, vending machines are available in every University Library.

Can I eat or drink in the Libraries?

Eating and drinking is allowed only in designated areas.

Can I occupy a seat in the Libraries while I am not there?

Users should take a seat only the time required to study or consult Library materials. Please check the Regulations of each Library. 


Central Library: 228.121  monographs and 8.039 journal titles (1.243 current subscriptions); 
Library of Arts and Humanities: 165.160 monographs e 1.712 journal titles (592 current subscriptions);
Library of Engineering: 32.174 monographs e 972 journal titles (218 current subscritions); 
Library of Science: 34.951 monographs e 1.247 journal titles (151 current subscriptions).
Library of Cognitive Science: 7.035 monographs, 111 journal titles (42 current subscriptions). (up to 01.01.2016).