Library Director (ad interim): Alex Pellacani

Library management is responsible for the organization and coordination of the libraries and offices of the University Library System. In particular it deals with:

  • planning, programming and management of its structures;
  • facilitating the integration of its structures with other Departments;
  • preparation of plans and development programs of the Library System;
  • Periodic reporting on the status of the Library System;
  • distribution of staff resources according to the needs of individual offices and libraries;
  • preparation and transmission of relevant data;¬†
  • collecting statistical data;
  • performance indicators;
  • presidium and updating of the quality management system;
  • Research outputs management¬†(IRIS);
  • UNITN-eprints;
  • Publishing activities support services

Specific tasks and functions of the Director are defined in Article. 6 of the Library Regulations.