Library instruction

Are there training courses on the use of electronic resources?

Yes. Library staff organizes courses mainly for students or final year-students. Courses are focused on tools and search strategies about bibliographic resources, particularly online catalogues, databases, and electronic journals. Training sessions can also be organized on demand.


Can I access the internet from the library?

Only members of the University of Trento (students, professors, researchers, doctoral students, staff…) can use the internet, both from PC workstations and from personal laptops.
The service is subject to the regulations of the University of Trento Information Technology Department.

Can I access the internet from my personal device?

Yes, I can. Wireless is available in every Library.

Photocopy service

Are there any photocopying facilities in the Libraries?

Yes, there are self-service photocopying facilities at every University Library; in the Departments of Engineering, Science and Economics, the service is provided by the staff.

Can I photocopy a book of the library?

Photocopying is subject to copyright laws.
For further information, please read the online guide (download box).

Services for users with visual impairments

Are there any special equipment for users with visual impairments?

Yes, at the Library of Sciences and at the Opera Universitaria there is a reading machine that users with visual impairments may use to support their learning. This machine is able to convert most printed material into speech, which is then recorded or converted into Braille. The workstation is also equipped with an electronic magnifier which enlarges fonts.