Who can use this service?

Internal members (University of Trento teachers, researchers, staff and students) and external users can use the Interlibrary loan/document delivery service.
To apply for access you need to complete an application for access to the services of the library system of the University of Trento.
The application gives access to all services.

What does the Interlibrary loan service provide?

The ILL/DD service can obtain material (books, chapters or pages from books, articles) which is not held or available in the Libraries of the Sistema Bibliotecario Trentino (Trentino Library System) or is out of print.
Few libraries will lend the following items, which are more difficult to obtain:
- pre-1900 material;
- encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, catalogues and handbooks;
- legislative codes;
- journal issues;
- theses;
- books published within the last two years.

Which catalogues can I search to complete the data of my request?

To complete the bibliographic data of your request, you can consult the Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog which searches library, periodicals and book trade catalogues. For further information, you can ask for help at the Reference Service or directly at the Interlibrary loan/document delivery office.

Is there a maximum limit to the number of requests?

No, there is not a limit.

How do I make a request?

Teachers, staff and students of the University of Trento can submit requests using the online form (Article request, Book request).
It is recommended that you ensure that the document is not available in the Catalogo Bibliotecario Trentino (Trentino Bibliographic Catalogue) and in the University Ebooks and Journal Catalogues and that you check bibliographic data in catalogues.
Teachers, staff and students of the University of Trento access with their University password and students access with their ESSE3 password. Only certificated/authenticated access enables you to edit your personal information and to manage your requests.
You can send requests by email to interbiblio@unitn.it only if the online form is temporarily not available.
External users can register filling in a form which is available on the library portal or in the Interlibrary loan office.

How can I ask works published in several volumes?

You are recommended to send one request for each volume. It might be necessary to request single volumes to different libraries and to send different requests for each volume.

Can I borrow documents for home reading?

Usually you can, but in some cases the document must be consulted within the Library. This is at the request of the lending library, and applies particularly if the material is rare or vulnerable.

What happens if the borrowed documents are lost or damaged?

The reader is required to return loans in the same condition he received them and within the due date stated. At the date due for return, the loan is sent back even if the reader has not borrowed it. The reader is required to pay for the fixed fee.
In case of damage or loss of a borrowed document, the user shall be liable for the full replacement costs of the lost or damaged item.
If replacement should be impossible, the reader will be charged the commercial value of the document.

Can journal articles be supplied electronically?

Italian copyright legislation (l. 633/1941, and Direttiva CE 22 maggio 2001, n. 2001/29/CE), requires that copies of parts of books or journals are supplied as a photocopy, which means that other means of reproduction (for example digital copies) are not allowed.
Electronic transmission of articles between libraries is possible only to cut costs and quicken the service.
The copies for private use must be printed.

Who do I contact for further information or help?

Do not hesitate to ask the Interlibrary Loan staff; for in-depth bibliographic research please contact the Reference Service.

Can I check the status of my requests?

The online form enables authenticated users to display sent requests, bibliographic data of the document and its status (to be verified, verified, sent, recalled, arrived, delivered), clicking My open requests and then the number of the request you want to check. On this page, click My closed requests if you want to display the list of your closed requests

Which are the changes of status of the request?

To be verified: bibliographic data given by the user still have to be verified by the librarians;
Verified: bibliographic data have been verified (and in some cases completed) by the librarians;
Sent: the request has been sent to the lending library;
Confirmed: the lending library has confirmed the delivery of the requested document;
Recalled: the office has sent a reminder to the lending library;
Arrived: the document has arrived in the office;
Delivered: the document has been handed in to the user;
Closed: the request was closed.

Can I edit/cancel the request I have submitted?

The cancellation/change of the request is possible only before it is sent, clicking the number of the request and then Edit the request or Cancel the request in My open requests.

How can I recall a request?

After clicking the number of the request, in My open requests, and then Recall the request, you can send a reminder.

Who do I contact for problems with username and password?

Students who did not get or forgot their username and password can contact their faculty’s Admissions Office showing their identity papers.
University of Trento teachers, researchers and staff can contact, for any problem, the Decentralized ICT services. If you belong to one of these categories, please remember that your password will last 6 months: once expired, you will be asked to change it as soon as possible. You can change it going to your personal profile in People and clicking Change password.