Can I use the library services if I’m not a University member?

Yes. The main services of the library (Borrowing, Interlibrary loan, Reference, Photocopying service, Acquisition proposals) are available for external users.
The use of internet is restricted to electronic resources and websites selected by the library.
On the first time you access one of these services, you have to fill a registration form.
If you do not allow the handling of your personal data through the registration, you can use only a limited set of services

Can I borrow more than one work at a time and how long can I keep it?

The number of items you can borrow at a time and the loan period depends on the following policy:
- Students of the University of Trento, students of partner programmes, and external users can borrow up to 10 items for 30 days. Loans may be renewed for another 30 days.
- Graduate students of the University of Trento can borrow up to 20 items for 30 days. Loans may be renewed twice (up to 90 days).Holders of a scholarship, visiting professors, foreign languages teachers, and internal staff can borrow up to 20 items for 60 days. Loans may be renewed  for another 60 days.
- Professors, researchers, doctoral students can borrow up to 30 items for 90 days. Loans may be renewed for another 90 days.
For further information, please check the Library Borrowing Regulations.
Each library of the University Library System has different regulations for short-loans: check also the different Short loan Regulations.

Are there any works I can't borrow?

The following items are not available for loan or are available on specific terms:
old, rare and antique books; reference works; syllabus works; periodicals; microform; educational videocassettes; periodical CD-ROM, DVD; theses; items sent to be bound or restored; items in the reading rooms; any item the circulation of which the Librarian determines to restrict.
For further information, please check the Library Borrowing Regulations, included the Short loan Regulations of the different libraries.

What can I do if the work in which I am interested has already been borrowed?

You can book the work in person, by e-mail, or by phone: you will be sent a notice as soon as the work is returned. The book is reserved in your name for 5 days since its return.
The work you are interested in can be reserved as long as no holds are already  placed on the titile. It is always better to check the OPAC (Catalogo Bibliografico Trentino) to find out whether other libraries have the work you need, and ask for it through the local interlibrary loan service, or through the national and international interlibrary loan service (if it is not in any library of the Province).

Can I make suggestions for purchase?

If you have an acquisition proposal, you can recommend it either by going to the Acquisition Department in the Central Library or by filling the online Purchase Suggestion Form. Please, check whether:
- the work is not available locally (check the OPAC)
- all bibliographic data are correct (check online catalogues).
Any suggestion for purchase will be taken into account and may be bought according to the regulations of the Acquisition service, across the range of subjects and within the library budget allocation.

Can I consult a degree thesis?

Yes, if the author of the thesis has given the permission for his/her work to be consulted.
A request form must be filled at the circulation desk. Students of the University of Trento need also the permission of their supervisor.
For theses on CD-ROM no reprint is allowed, even if incomplete, neither on paper nor on any electronic device.
Theses are to be consulted only in the library, they are not available for loan.

Can I check the status of an order of a book?

In the online catalogue, search the title you are looking for, in the Display results page, click on View full record with copies and orders. The next page lists:
- bibliographic data of the book ordered
- bibliographic data of similar copies held in libraries of the Province
- order data and status: ordered, recieved, cancelled.

Can I send a reminder for a purchase?

You can send a purchase order reminder via mail (Contacts link of the Acquisition Department).