What is UNITN-eprints?

Unitn-eprints is an online archive of scientific and technical publications by the departments and research centres of the University of Trento.

Who can store up in UNITN-eprints?

Unitn-eprints archives scientific works by authors affiliated with University of Trento, that is:
- Professors and researches affiliated with a Department or a research centre of the University of Trento;
- Phd students, contract workers or visiting professors who research in the University of Trento.

What are the advantages offered by the deposit in the archives?

The simple and quick process of self-archiving permits any user to research, access and download the full text of peer reviewed academic research products. The official character of institutional archives gives authority to the research products and assures cumulative and perpetual storage of scientific production.

Is the scientific production storing up subject to legal restrictions?

By self-archiving an item, authors retain  all moral and economic rights on their own work (provided the copyright still stays with the author), according to current legislation on  copyright, on patents and on intellectual property.
Self-archiving is made easier thanks to RoMEO Project, whose database includes most international publishers and their different polices on copyright and self-archiving by highlighting them with different colours.

Is there any rule for the deposit safeguards?

Authors can choose to limit the use of their works, i.e by restricting access to a limited number of users or using cerative commons licenses.

Do I have to enter my name in order to enter the archives?

External user may access and download files in the archive without registering, while users who want to archive new data may access the system after a quick free registration procedure.

Who can I address to get my username and password and to solve the related problems?

You can contact system administrators by sending a mail to ePrints@unitn.it