For users of UniTrento Libraries

The Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Service (generally known as ILL / DD) enables users to obtain materials not available in the libraries of the Trentino Library System. The University Library obtains books, photocopies of periodical articles, microfilm and other materials from other libraries in Italy and abroad. Books are retrieved and lent in their original form; journal articles or book chapters, even if received in digital format, are given to the user in a printed copy.


The request must be submitted using the online form. You must submit a request for each document you want.

Request for book, chapter or article

You will not receive a confirmation email for your request. To monitor the status of your request you need to log into UniTrento Discovery and click My Requests in the drop-down menu next to your name.

External users can log in via social (Login social) or send requests by email to

Delivery time 

The time of arrival of the required documents cannot be specified, as it depends on many variables; however, there is an average of 6 days for articles and 16 days for books; the office sends the loan request as soon as possible and in any case within 5 working days of receipt; the user is notified by e-mail upon arrival of the document. 

Document collection: Users can pick up the documents personally at the ILL/DD office at the BUC or delegate another person; professors, researchers and students can receive the documents (books and printed articles) at the university libraries  - BUM, BUP, BUR; all those who have an address at UniTrento can receive the documents (print articles  but not books) at their University address. 

Book return: at the office; at the Circulation desk of UniTrento libraries; in the box in the hall of the Cavazzani Study Room. 
The books are lent for a minimum of 15 days; printed articles are for users.
Renewal is admitted unless otherwise indicated by the owner library and it has to be requested by e-mail to before the expiry date.

Delocalized loan: users living far from Trento can collect their books and articles in their reference library in the province of Trento. To activate this service, you need to contact the ILL / DD office at the BUC or your library.


The service is free of charge for Unitrento professors, researchers, PhD students and technical - administrative staff; students are entitled to the free supply of 5 documents (books or articles) each year; external users and UniTrento students who exceed the 5 requests per year are required to pay a fixed fee of 4 euro to cover part of the costs, for any document provided or received even if not collected. 

Payment can be made by POS PagoPa at the ILL/DD office at BUC.
As an alternative, you can use the IUV code received by mail and you can pay as follows:

The user must return the book in the same condition in which it was received and within the due date, in accordance with the regulations of the service. 

Opening hours

The National and International Interlibrary Loan Office, (at BUC), is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00.
Upon request, documents can be collected at the BUC Circulation desk out of hours (if a payment is due, you must have already made the transfer)