The service allows to borrow works from all the libraries of the Trentino Library System. The service isĀ  run in accordance to a specific Regulation and to art. 8 of the Regulation of the Borrowing service of the University Library System.


Patrons with a library card of the Trentino Library System.


Loans are subject to the Regulation of the lending library; their length is never less than 20 days. As a rule, items are lent according to the policy of the borrowing library.
Books already on loan cannot be reserved.


At the Circulation Desk of each University library.
The service is offered by the Catalogo bibliografico trentino member libraries: in any library, users may borrow books belonging to other libraries of the Province.

DeliveringĀ time

Five days.

Number of items

Users may request up to 5 items at a time.

Works not for loan

  • works the holding library does not lend;
  • works available for loan in any library in Trento;
  • works already on loan.