The office aims at managing the scientific documents produced by the University of Trento, in electronic format so to make researching and consulting for users a lot easier.
The office manages the following databases and repositories:

  • IRIS-Research outputs Database: is the new CRIS (Current Research  Information System) Open Access compatible, which was adopted in April 2015 and which contains Unitn professors’, researchers’ and PhD students’ scientific and academic publications.IRIS replaces UGOV Catalogue, whose functions have been upgraded in the new software and whose data (entered from 2010 to 2014) have been migrated to IRIS. IRIS replaces – for all new full-text Open Access submissions, Unitn-eprints Research, Unitn former institutional Open Access archive of scientific production either in pre-print or in post-print version, according to copyright, intellectual and industrial property laws. Unitn- eprints Research records  will be migrated in IRIS in a second phase.
  • Unitn-eprints Research: open access repository of scientific documents in electronic format (e-prints) produced by departments and research centres in the University of Trento until April 2015. the archive is now replaced by IRIS, and it is still available in read-only mode. Unitn- eprints Research records  will be migrated in IRIS in a second phase.
  • Unitn-eprints PhD: repository of all PhD theses defended at the University of Trento from 2008 (21st cycle) to September 2019; from that date on, theses are archived in IRIS.
    From 2008 the self-archiving procedure in the repository also allows the automatic harvesting by the search engines of the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale in Florence - according to the Italian law no. 104/2006 related to the mandatory deposit - as well as a quicker dissemination of the metadata, according to the policies of Open Access.
  • Unitn-online thesis : catalogue containing the bibliographic details of the thesis discussed at the University of Trento, freely accessible to every user. According to that and the authorizations given by the authors, some thesis can be consulted in full text.
  • Publishing activities support services: guida all’attività editoriale dell’Università degli Studi di Trento e ai servizi di supporto erogati dall’ufficio a favore di autori, studenti e dottorandi dell’ateneo, lettori e possibili acquirenti, con approfondimenti in tema di proprietà intellettuale, plagio e diritto d’autore.