As estabilished by article n. 9 of UniTrento Libraries Regulation, each Department or Interdepartmental centre board designs a delegate for acquisitions of bibliographic materials. The acquisition delegate coordinates all acquisition proposals coming from all areas of the department, approves and addresses them to the library acquisition unit.

Delegates are the following professors:

Economics and management Department 
prof. Ricardo Alberto Marques Pereira 0461/282147

Physics Department 
prof. Graziano Guella 0461/281536

Information Engineering and Computer science Department 
prof. Paola Quaglia 0461/283905

Civil, environmental and mechanical engineering Department 
prof. Maurizio Grigiante 0461/282653

Industrial engineering Department
prof. Vincenzo Maria Sglavo 0461/282468

Mathematics Department 
prof. Edoardo Ballico 0461/281646

Cognitive and education sciences Department 
prof. Lucia Rodler 0464/808312 

Delegati per il Dipartimento di Lettere e Filosofia

Literary, language and philological studies Department
prof. Andrea Giorgi 0461/282726 (Philosophy, history and cultural heritage area))
prof. Massimo Rizzante 0461/281774 (Linguistic and  Philological studies area) 

Sociology and social research Department 
prof. Giuseppe Sciortino 0461/283712 (books)
prof. Luigi Blanco 0461/281466 (journals)

Legal sciences Department
prof. Massimo Miglietta 0461/283840

Centre for integrative biology (CIBIO)
prof. Emilio Cusanelli 0461/285357

Centre for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMEC)
dott.ssa Stefania Benetti 0464/808607
prof. ssa Selene Schintu 0464/808154

School of International Studies (SIS)
prof. Luisa Antoniolli 0461/283894

Centre for Medical Sciences (CISMed)
prof. Katya Tentori 0461/808631

C3A Center Agricolture Food Environment
prof.ssa Flavia Gasperi 0461/615186