What is MediaLibraryOnLine?

MediaLibraryOnline (MLOL) is a platform that allows you to consult and borrow digital newspapers and magazines, e-books, audiobooks, video, music and other resources.  Some types, such as audio and e-books, can also be downloaded to your PC  or mobile device (tablet, e-book reader and smartphone). 

How to access

To access MediaLibraryOnline (MLOL), users of UniTrento Libraries must request their personal username and password by sending an email (writing MLOL in the subject field) to the  reference library: 

BUC - Central University Library bibliotecacentrale@unitn.it, ph. 0461/283011
BUM - Mesiano University Library bibliotecaingegneria@unitn.it, ph. 0461/281956 
BUP - Povo University Library bibliotecascienze@unitn.it, ph. 0464/808443 
BUR - Rovereto University Library bibliotecascienzecognitive@unitn.it, ph. 0464/808443

Write name, surname, e-mail address (if you are an UniTrento member, please indicate yout mail @unitn.it) and your CBT card number (fill in the registration form for UniTrento Libraries Services if you do not have your CBT card yet). You can register  at the circulation desk, too.

Types of resources and consultation procedures

Refer to the guide on the Medialibrary portal to know the types of resources and how to consult them. Ebooks can also be searched through the Trentino Library Catalogue and they can be borrowed for 14 days with a maximum of 4 downloads per month.