cerca informazioni o persone

Date: April 19, 2016

Hours: 14.30-19.00

Room: A202, Polo scientifico Fabio Ferrari (aka Povo 1)

Teacher: Michele Lucianer

This seminar, specifically devoted to PhD students in scientific and technological subjects, is intended to provide practical information on how to use some Library resources (specially physics, mathematics, engineering and informatics databases) in order to get a reliable, complete and updated literature review on the subject of your research (instead of trusting only the Internet and Google Scholar).

The seminar is interactive and based on examples and practical exercises.

The seminar is free (no registration is required) but only 40 places are available, participation is therefore possible on a first-arrived-first-served basis until fulfillment of all available places.

Further enquiries to: phd.office-st@unitn.it